​Commercial Laundry, Linen, Towel, and Uniform Cleaning Services for Businesses and Industries near Chatsworth, CA

Do you own a business that generates dirty laundry? Let Topanga Laundry & Wash and Fold take it off of your hands. We will pick up your laundry, take care of it for you, and return it the very next day. Our commercial laundry service will wash whatever you need. We cater to restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas, sports teams, horse stables. If you have dirty laundry we will wash it! We even do horse blankets! Call us for a bid: (818) 243-3575.

Hotels, Motels, Airbnb, Vacation Rentals, Restaurants and more

Do you own a rental property? An airbnb? A hotel or a motel? Then give our linen cleaning service a try! We can pick up your sheets, comforters, towels, and area rugs and wash them for you. We return them the next day fresh and clean. Our hotel laundry service takes one thing off of your busy task list.

And if you own a restaurant let us take care of your tablecloths, aprons, towels, linens and anything else that might need cleaning. We know how much work it is to own a business, let us lighten your load.

Salons and Gyms

If you own a salon or a gym then our towel cleaning service is a must. We will work with salons and spas to take care of your towels and the stains that some dyes and chemicals generate. And if you own a gym then let us launder your sweaty towels. We'll return them clean and fresh smelling.

Medical Laundry

If you work in a medical facility, whether it is a hospital, clinic, dentist office or even a veterinary office we will take care of you. Our commercial laundry will wash towels, uniforms, sheets, and anything else that you might need.